May 5th - Saskatoon

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May 5th - Saskatoon

Post  deniseseguinhorth on Tue Apr 03, 2012 7:54 pm

*May 5, 2012 from 11am-4pm at Circle Drive Alliance Church in the Prairie Trail Lounge *Set-Up time starts at 9:30am, and Clean Up by 6:00pm

*The cost will be $25 per table. I will be making a draw for table numbers, so you position within the venue will random. I will be providing receipts.

*I will be accepting anyone that is interested, so expect competition for your product (except 2 people from the same company of course). I wanted to design this to give everyone a chance, so I will not be refusing other vendors.

*I would like a Grand Prize Basket for all the come to the tradeshow with a small token from each vendor. Whether it be a small gift certificate, or a small product, whatever you feel you can provide is great!

*Payment for your table will be required by April 15th, 2012 in order to secure your spot in the tradeshow along with the Vendor contract

*If, for some reason, you need to withdraw from the tradeshow, your table fee will be refunded to you up until May 1st. After that, it will only be refunded if YOU can find a vendor to replace you.

If there are updates, I will be sending correspondences by email, so make sure you keep a watch for news from me in your inbox!

Please email me at for details and a copy of the Vendor Contract.


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